Hosting an event but don't have the budget or need to hire a professional crew..? Perhaps consider some of our smaller rental packages. Several small packages available for DJ's and bands or if you just want a little extra power at your party. Geared to help working musicians and everyday joe's get an affordable sound system. Full Backline services available as well. Check out our Facebook Page for promo deals!

Powered Mackie SRM 450 speakers & 1501 subwoofers available for rent @ $30 a piece. ​ All Cabling, Stands & MIXER always included in rental package. Mackie Pro FX mixer provided in various sizes (4-12 channels) ​ ***Please note a $50 minimum is required for rental package if only one speaker is needed*** ​ Providing your own mics is encouraged, however available for rental @ $10 a piece. ​ BACKLINE Below is the current backline inventory. All gear is well maintained and regularly checked to meet professional standards. ​ Package discounts are available and we have the resources to provide any musical equipment requested if not on the list below;) GUITAR RIGS: $50-100 ​ *Fender Blackface Twin *Fender Hotrod Deville *Fender Blues Deville *Fender Deluxe Reissue *Roland JC 120 *Marshall JCM 1000 w/ 4x12 cab ​ BASS RIGS: $50-100 ​ *Ampeg SVT 8x10 *Ampeg 4x10 w/ Eden Mesa Boogie 600W Head *Eden 4x10 w/ Eden Traveler 600 W Head * ​ DRUMS: $100-250 ​ *Gretsch Renown Series 7 piece kit (20", 15", 14", 12", 10", 8" w/ 14" snare) ​ *DW (22" ​ *Gretsch (22", 14", 12", 10" w/ 14" snare) ​ *PDP maple 5 piece kit (22", 14", 12", 10" w/ 14" snare) ​ KEYS: $50-150 ​ *Kurzwiel PC88 ​ *Yamaha 88